Estate, Trust and Probate Appraisals in Southern California by K1 Appraisal Services

Our licensed certified real estate appraisers can produce the best appraisals and market valuation that attorneys and accountants have come to rely on. There are specific needs for everyone, we understand these requirements and are comfortable to dealing with all parties involved. We construct appraisal reports that surpass the requirements of the legal system and Tax authorities.

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Most of the time people do not fully understand the requirement to have a comprehensive appraisal produced in support of the numbers shown in tax documents filed with the IRS and California State agencies.
Due to this, there is a chance that the time of death differs from the date the appraisal is required. We are accustomed to the practices and requirements obligatory to provide a retroactive or retrospective appraisals with an effective date and fair market value estimate matching the date of death or estate transfer. Opinions of value used in documents provided to the IRS and California State agencies absolutely should be supported by a comprehensive report as to how the appraiser arrived at his conclusions.

Working with a certified licensed appraiser from K1 Appraisal Services, gives the executor and other parties involves, definite facts and figures which not only comply, but exceeds IRS, local Tax agencies, and state of California requirements. We can also put you in touch with the top real estate agents who are specialized in estate and probate transactions.

Appraisal is not a science, it is an opinion of value. Opinions vary, therefore you should hire the best Licensed Real Estate Appraiser.