Call K1 Appraisal Services when you need appraisals for Los Angeles divorces

When getting a divorce, choose K1 Appraisal Services to provide a realistic value of real estate to be divided.

Divorce settlements involve many decisions, including "Who gets the home or Real Estate". There are usually two options, it can be put on the market and the proceeds divided up, or one party can "buy out" the other. In either case, one or both parties would find it in their best interest to get an appraisal of the joint real estate. For many years attorneys and other clients have been relying on K1 Appraisal Services for unbiased opinion of value.

Contact us if your needs include an appraisal dealing with a divorce or other allocation of assets.

An appraisal for the purpose of asset division should include a well-established, expert document that can be supported during a trial. When you order an appraisal from K1 Appraisal Services, you are assured the best in service with courtesy and well-supported conclusions.

Attorneys in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as accountants rely on our appraisal, when calculating real property values for estates, divorces, or other disputes where it is relevant. We submit appraisal documents for courts or various agencies that meet or exceed their requirements.

As a lawyer handling a divorce, your case's typically require an appraisal to ascertain fair market value for the residential real estate involved. Many times the divorce date differs from the date you ordered the appraisal. We're accustomed to the procedures and the effort needed to perform an appraisal with an effective date and Fair Market Value opinion that matches the date of divorce.