Selling your home in Los Angeles or Orange County? Contact K1 Appraisal Services and make sure you're setting the listing price right.

If you're going to sell your home, you should seriously consider a professional appraisal. Don't think of a professional appraisal as costing money; it's worth the money in the long run! Unless a homeowner studies real estate values on a day to day basis, like an appraiser, it's practically impossible for them to understand the nuances of their local real estate market.

While important, an appraisal is not about how much you have invested in your home, or how much you want to sell it for. Rather, an appraisal assesses how much your home will bring on the open market.

How much is my home worth? Zillow? Trulia? Redfin?
or a Licensed Certified Residential Appraiser?

Getting an Appraisal prior to selling your home

Whether you are hiring a real estate agent to sell your home or making the decision to sell your home yourself, you should hire a licensed Appraiser to help you with the current market value of your home. You need an objective and unbiased opinion of value. We will inform you of what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Not only will getting a professional appraisal help you set a astute asking price to attract more potential buyers, a professional appraisal can also be a very helpful bargaining tool while speaking with a potential buyer. The appraisal may also help you with deficiencies about the home that can cause delay in closing.

Home sellers are sometimes surprised to discover their home's value might be higher or lower than they originally thought. So by taking the first step and investing in a professional appraisal, you might get several thousand more than you originally expected. Also by getting an appraisal in advance of the listing, an inflated assessment of your home can be avoided. Realistically pricing your home allows you to quickly sell it instead of waiting on the market for months. Selling too high rarely attracts buyers, reducing your offers, making closing more difficult, which can waste your valuable time and drain your resources while getting nothing done.

You might have a very skilled agent but it's definitely a good idea to get an objective third-party's opinion of value prior to finalizing a listing agreement. And that's where K1 Appraisal Services comes in. An appraisal can be extremely helpful in a scenario like this. It will give both you and your agent a complete description of your property and its features and give you insight into how the local real estate market is performing with a detailed analysis of recent comparable properties in the area.